Mr. Ray B. May IV:
RB PicMr. Ray B. May IV (RB) started Taekwondo when he was six years old, in 1995. He progressed through the ranks to Black Belt then started teaching in 2002. He is a fully Certified Instructor through the American Taekwondo Association and World Traditional Taekwondo Union. He is currently a Fourth Degree Black Belt in Taekwondo. In 2006 he started practicing Brazilian Jujutsu and has since gained a Blue Belt in this art. He also practices the arts of Japanese and
Korean Swords (both Katana) and has gained much achievement in this field. He loves the Martial Arts and has a real heart for teaching Self Defense to kids and adults.

Mrs. Amanda May:
Mrs. Amanda May started Taekwondo in 2009 and immediately fell in love with the martial art. She caught onto the vision and dream of her then boyfriend (Mr. Ray B. May IV) and supported him in running the club in Springfield. Then in 2011 when the opportunity presented itself for Mr. and Mrs. May to purchase the Springfield Club they jumped at it and started May’s Martial Arts.