Info for Students

Hello to our May’s Martial Arts Family all this page is specifically for our current students! We hope you find all you need here. This page is here for our parents and students. If you need a star sheet, waiver or some other info you can get that from this page! Look below for the information that you need.

Other pages and info may be added later if you have any questions or need any help please talk to Mr. May at your next class.

NOTE: All Items are in the PDF format unless otherwise stated. To view you will need Adobe Acrobat or another PDF Viewer.

Star Sheets:

We ask that if you are or your child is bringing a friend to our class that you print this out and give it them (or their parents) to fill out before class.
Thank You!

Curriculum Sheets
This page is for any curriculum sheets you may need. Also you will find Our School’s Testing Requirements.

Other Info
This page is for all the other information that we have available. A list of commands, Songahm Spirit & Tiny Tiger Oaths, A list of Life Skills and others.